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Name:By-Fold Style Shutters
Louver Size2.5inch(64mm),3.5inch(88mm),4.5inch(114mm)
StyleSunburst Style
ColorPainted or Stained,can choose from our color chart
DimensionAny Size are available,all items are customized made.
Mouting StyleOutside Mount(OM),Inside Mount(IM)
Frame TypeL Frame,Z Frame
Panel AccessoriesHinger,Hoffman Key,Mangetic Button and So on
Product Description
Bi-fold window shutters are often installed on the exterior of a home when windows are too wide for a single 
operates via a hinge system which allows you to fold the entire frames of the shutters,making them very stylish,beautiful
and modern within your home.They are commonly used with windows,sliding doors or a great option for roon divisions to
the sizes you require.

Traditionally in a interior four-panel bi-fold shutter unit two shutter panels hinge together and hinge to the left and open 
to the left. The panels fold together and should rest against the wall on the left side. Then, two shutter panels hinge 
together and hinge to the right and open to the right. The panels fold together and should rest against the wall on the 
right side.A panel is a single shutter consisting of two side stiles, a top and bottom rail, an optional divider rail, louvers, 
and a tilt bar.

Bi-fold shutters provide maxinum privacy,light control and ventilation with a simple tilt of the small panels,meanwhile,we
can offer a wide range of different colours and materials which may suit your individual needs.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any requirements.

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