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Environmental Protection Equipment


                                                                                        ——Environmental Protection Equipment in our factory

      As we all know, environment protection is a big deal in china. Chinese government insists to develop strategy continuously. So the biggest problem is environment protection during the economic development. Mr Xi the chairman of china said that we perfer gree mountain and clear water than gold and silver. That means if the factory cannot stop pollution, they cannot manufacture anymore. 

     The paint during the producing shutters is one of the most common pollutants. What's more, All shutters are custom-built. We cannot bulid up an inventory. How to solve this dilemma depends on our big monster——new environmnent protection equipment.

Come with me to have a look.


The front of the equipment


     The occuption of this machine is 160 square metres. And the height is about nine metres. It locates on the top of our factory production building and are really a big monster.


The back of the equipment


     The function of this equipment is clean the flue gas caused by painting. When workers are painting, the paint will fly in the air. And this fule gas is the source of pollution. The equipment will collect the gas. After a series of process, all the paint will get rid of from the gas.


The side of the equipment


     All these machine costs RMB 500,000. When they are working, the cost of electric charge is RMB 200 per hour. We are the only one factory who equips this machine in china. So we can proud to say that we are the most environmental-friendly factory in china. Depend on this, we can provide the stable shutters and quick delivery. We protect the environment. And the government protect us.



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